Dr Joana Afonso

Dr Joana Afonso


University Agostinho Neto

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Work and Research

I have been involved with research teams and part of research projects since I finished my Masters in 2003. Initially my research was directed to the epidemiology of neglected infectious diseases in Angola and later on my interest focused on HIV/AIDS, my area of concentration until this day. One of the highest and pride points of my career was the chance to develop with almost no human capacity, with all the logistical and financing difficulties in Angola, a scientific project onHIV, fully developed in Angola, and be able to share it with the international scientific community, by invitation, and to make the Ministry of Health of Angola to take up and implement certain monitoring laboratory tests.

Fields Of Expertise

Infectious Diseases

My contribution to science and its impact on society

Because I am a direct collaborator of the Institute of Fighting Against Aids, the  work, both routine and research, that we develop at the laboratory produces data capable to help defining health policies or postures to be taken into account in certain issues or decision-making, which in the end reverts for the patients and general population’s well-being.