Dr Abidemi Akindele

Dr Abidemi Akindele


University of Lagos

Department of Pharmacology

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Work and Research

I hold a B.S.c (First class Honours) and a PhD degree in Pharmacology from the University of Lagos, Nigeria where I am currently a senior Lecturer. My engagements in the university entails teaching B.S.c, BPharm., MBBS., BDS and postgraduate students and research in which case I have been involved with project supervision/mentorship of undergraduate and postgraduate students.. My current field of research is Natural Product Pharmacology/Toxicology and Drug Repurposing with the aim of discovering and developing new drugs and/or lead compounds for the treatments of diabetes, CNS disorders and cancer offering relatively better safety profile and efficacy than existing drugs.

Fields Of Expertise

Natural Product Pharmacology

Research Profiles

My contribution to science and its impact on society

For about ten years I have been a lecturer in the University of Lagos, Nigeria teaching the basic medical science of Pharmacology to undergraduate (B.Sc., B.Pharm., MBBS, BDS etc.) and postgraduate (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) students, and engaging in research. I have been involved in supervision/mentoring of project students across different student levels, bringing to bear my international exposure in the subject matter of Pharmacology and research. I have been an active member of the Nigerian Young Academy (NYA) with significant involvement in identifying and rewarding excellence, building capacity for science and research through organization of relevant workshops, and championing the course of young scientists in Nigeria in terms of voice, discuss contributions and active engagement in relevant activities. This same passion drove my membership of the Global Young Academy (GYA),a body committed to active engagement of young scientists across countries and cultures of the world. Within the GYA, I have among others being involved with the Global State of Young Scientists (GloSYS) project in terms of the preliminary investigations in selected countries and the plan to conduct a more robust and widespread investigation into the peculiar issues affecting young scientists with a view to encourage the necessary policy change