Dr Abimbola Olumide Adekanmbi

Dr Abimbola Olumide Adekanmbi


University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Department of Microbiology

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Work and Research

My research focus is on the molecular mechanisms of antibiotic resistance and detection of antibiotic resistance genes in bacteria from different environmental reservoirs including wastewater, aquaculture ponds, agricultural wastes and soil sediments; and the effects of exposure to biocide and metals in the development of resistance to antibiotics in bacteria. My interest in finding a lasting solution to the menace of antibiotic resistance in bacteria has also encouraged and fuels my interests in nanotechnology. As an Environmental microbiologist, I am also interested in the biodegradation of pollutants in wastewater generated by manufacturing operations, environmental impact assessment, water and wastewater treatment.

Fields Of Expertise

Molecular mechanisms of antibiotics, biocide and metal resistance in bacteria
Bioremediation and Biodegradation
Water and Wastewater treatment

Research Profiles