Mr Akwasi Asamoah

Mr Akwasi  Asamoah


Carbon Holic

Wood (Cellulose) Material Science

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Work and Research

1. Wood Durability, Preservation and Protection 2. Wood Mechanics 3. Cellulose Composites Physics, Chemistry and Mechanics 4. Activated Carbon, Graphite, Graphene, CNT 5. Zeolites 6. Wood 7. Polymer 8. Cellulose 9. Polysaccharides 10. Glycopolymers

Fields Of Expertise

Wood Material Science
Forest Products
Materials chemistry

Research Profiles

Personal Statement

I pursued my Bsc and Mphil at the Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources, Dept. of Lignocellulosic (Wood) Science & Technology at KNUST (kumasi), and went on to pursue PhD in Mat. Sci. & Eng. at UoE (Exeter). Natural Material, Polymer, Lignocellulosic, Forest/Env Science and Engineering are my research interests. My philosophy is: 'the closer one can look, the better impressions one can get. Wood Protection, Wood Protectants, Wood Durability, Wood Deterioration, Wood Seasoning, Wood Pathology, Wood Mycology, Wood Mechanics, Wood Phase Change, Wood Self-Healing, Wood Photo-Electro-Mechanical Properties, Wood Diagnostics, Wood Chemistry, Wood Physics, Wood Machining, Wood Architecture, Wood Composites, Reconstituted Wood, Wood Nano-Technology, Wood Adhesives and Wood Polymers interest me.