Dr Barbara Burmen

Dr Barbara Burmen


Kenya Medical Research Institute Center for Global Health Research

Kenya Medical Research Institute

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My doctoral studies in public health focus on Tuberculosis and HIV Operations Research. I seek to ‘Determine the Value of Prospective Contact Investigation of Household Members of patients with Drug Susceptible Tuberculosis in Childhood Tuberculosis Control in Kisumu and Siaya Counties, Kenya’.This study will determine whether it is worthwhile to screen children who share a house with a person who has TB and what is the best possible was to screen this children. I have served as lead investigator for a number of research studies and authored13 publications in international peer-reviewed journals. In December 2017, I won the TWAS-Abdool Karim Prize, which is a great achievement for me.

Fields Of Expertise

Tuberculosis Research
HIV Operations Research
Drug Susceptibility

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My contribution to science and its impact on society

In the past 6 years, i have lead different research teams; I have not only provided leadership in their day to day activities, i have also mentored my team in career advancement, aided them in resume writing, preparation of cover letters, interview preparation as well as provided advice on personal matters e.g. savings etc. I volunteer my research skills on AuthorAid as well as reviewing manuscripts from peer reviewed journals and i also mentor my colleagues who are enrolled for various degree and post graduate courses. I have also volunteered my clinical skills during medical camps and provide guidance to my colleagues on how to use routinely collected program data to improve program performance. Subsequent to this, my colleagues have been able to make over 50 presentations at local and international forums and had publications in peer reviewed journals. My efforts have been recognized by different societies, including the TWAS-Abdool Karim Prize, which I won in December 2017, Read more: https://twas.org/article/barbara-burmen-wins-twas-abdool-karim-prize