Prof Callixte Yadufashije

Prof Callixte Yadufashije


IST Burkina Faso

Public Health

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Work and Research

My Research focus are divided in 2 blocks, the Block I is Biomedical Sciences and Medicine, and the Block II is Public Health. BLOCK I Biomedical Sciences and Medicine: In this block, I do research in infectious Diseases and Human Microbiota and Microbiome BLOCL II Public Health: I do Research in Maternal and Child Health, Reproductive and adolescent health, Drug abuse and Epidemiology NB: Most of the time I conduct multidisciplinary research where these two blocks are combined in one research. I considered the two blocks because I have background of Public health and Clinical microbiology.

Fields Of Expertise

Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Clinical Epidemiology and Public Health
Biology and Chemistry