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Dr Chipo  Mubaya


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Work and Research

I have been awarded research grants that have advanced my research career first for disciplinary social science research from organisations such as CODESRIA and OSSREA who fund social science research. This was a milestone as these grants kick started my research career in natural resources management and was also the beginning of processes of searching for research funds at the early stages of my career. I then as part of my PhD study was able to get funding through a transdisciplinary study on climate change adaptation in Zambia and Zimbabwe, a transdisciplinary project funded by OXFAM Zimbabwe on climate information dissemination and extension and more recently FRACTAL on cities and resilience.

Fields Of Expertise

Disciplinary Social Science
Developmental Studies

Research Profiles

My contributions to science and the impact this has had on society

I have contributed to science and  society  in  a  number  of  ways.  First, while  I have  been advancing  my  research  career,  I  have engaged  in transdisciplinary research for the  past  eight years  as  part  of  big  projects  that  have  had  a significant  impact  on society.  Farmers and practitioners, including policy makers have been engaged in  these  projects  as  outlined  in  my CV.  This has enabled practical decision making towards climate change adaptation at various level.  Second, in  some  of  the  projects  that  i  have led  and contributed to,  I  have  ensured students mobilization around science through getting these students to work on projects and be  registered  to  conduct  studies  on the same projects.  Third,  i  have  contributed  to  the documentation   of   outputs   such as the   publication   of   journal   articles and   for   instance contribution of a case study to a Southern Africa Handbook for climate change. Fourth, i have worked on consultancy projects that have been based on science for a number of stakeholders as highlighted in my CV, using science for curriculum development in climate change academic and  non  academic programnmes  for  the  ACCFP and a  SARUA  SCIN  project,  among  others, including using science to develop a framework for African capacity building in climate change science.