Dr Cletos Mapiye

Dr Cletos Mapiye

South Africa

Stellenbosch University

Animal Sciences

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Work and Research

My research uses a farm-to-fork approach to sustainably improve production, healthfulness, safety, keeping and eating quality of meat. Specifically, I investigate the effects of nutrition and phytochemicals on animal growth performance and health, carcass traits, and physicochemical attributes, myoglobin, lipid and protein oxidation, microbial growth, fatty acid composition and organoleptic quality of meat. In that regard, I have developed cost-efficient livestock diets that improve meat production and quality using locally available protein and phytochemical rich feed ingredients including indigenous browse tree leaves, tree-borne oilseeds and fruit by-products. Overall, my research contribute towards sustainable food, nutrition and income security in the developing world.

Fields Of Expertise

Meat Science
Sustainable beef production
Meat fatty acids