Dr Daniel William Hart

Dr Daniel William Hart

South Africa

University of Pretoria

Zoology and Entomology

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Work and Research

My current research focus is evolutionary biology and application, endocrinology and neuroendocrinology, thermobiology and chronobiology. Through investigating these related topics, I have successfully published 29 peer-reviewed articles, including articles in journals such as Science and Nature communications. Much of my current work is not focused on one particular theme. Instead, I wish to pursue a career that encompasses understanding complex organisms, such as social mammals, behaviour, evolutionary and ecological physiology, and underlying biochemical and molecular mechanisms. Using this knowledge, I hope to address human health problems and those caused by climate change (Evolutionary application). Through multiple interdisciplinary research projects with an extensive collaboration network, I can achieve my career goals while taking on parallel responsibilities and coordinative activities. Currently, I manage a large research group headed by Prof. Nigel Bennett (A1-rated researcher). As part of the organisational team, I create and implement research projects, coordinate and facilitate domestic and international collaborations, and supervise, co-supervise, and mentor several post-graduate and post-doctoral students on various topics. Additionally, I have been involved in many extramural committees and activities, including lecturing a third-year module, heading the seminar planning team, and holding the position of post-doctoral representative at the Department of Zoology and Entomology. As it stands, I have a further 27 research articles in progress which address critical evolutionary theories, such as the causes of the sociality of mammals, and biomedical questions, such as manipulating the controlling mechanism of reproductive suppression in mammals and the subsequent consequences for mental health, health- and life-span.

Fields Of Expertise

Evolutionary Biology