Dr Darshana Morar

Dr Darshana Morar

South Africa

University of Pretoria

Veterinary Tropical Diseases

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Work and Research

I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases in the faculty of Veterinary Science, at the University of Pretoria, since 2003. I completed my MSc degree in 2003 and my doctorate in 2009, both in the field of Veterinary Science. My research interests include the development o diagnostic tools for early detection of Mycobacterium bovis and M. tuberculosis infections in wildlife species. To date this work had led to the development of assays to diagnose tuberculosis in rhinoceroses, elephants and lions. These assays have application in surveillance and the potential for commercialization.

Fields Of Expertise

Diagnostic Tool Development
Diagnostic Tool Development

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My vision for the future of research at UP and how I will contribute to this development

 At the faculty of Veterinary Science we have a number of postgraduate students from all over Africa. We also have MOU's with the veterinary school in Maputo and with institutions in Europe and North America. This is greta, as it has afforded us, and continues to provide us, with opportunities to perform collaborative research. However, if we want to increase the visibility of UP and South Africa, and increase our research output we need to look to our neighbors for collaboration as well. So my vision for the future is to see UP extending formal research collaborations with neighboring countries.