Dr Deus Ishengoma

Dr Deus Ishengoma


National Institute for Medical Research

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Work and Research

I received a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine in 1998, an MSc (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) in 2003; and a PhD in 2011. From January 2003, I have been a Research Scientist at the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) in Tanga. My research interests include genetics/genomics epidemiology of malaria, antimalarial drug resistance and the National health laboratory systems (for diagnostic capacity of common infections and other diseases). In 2005, I set up a molecular biology laboratory at Tanga which has been an important research facility in my Institution and beyond. I have been a member of the genomic epidemiology network of malaria (MalariaGEN) from 2006.

Fields Of Expertise

Epidemiology of infectious diseases
Genetic epidemiology of malaria and other infectious pathogens

My contribution to science and its impact on society

In the past 13years, I worked in different research projects which generated useful findings, some of which have been published in peer review journals. I have also been engaged in teaching at local universities and supervision of students(undergraduate and postgraduate). After my PhD, I took on supervision of two students who successfully completed their studies (MSc-2013and a PhD -2014). I am currently supervising three morePhD students and training more than 25 undergraduate students annually in our laboratory. I have organised over ten short courses to researchers from Tanzania and the East-African region on Good Clinical and Laboratory Practices (GCP), PCR techniques for detection of malaria parasites and genotyping of mosquito vectors, grant writing and malaria microscopy. In 2005, I worked with colleagues at Tanga to establish a molecular biology laboratory which has played an important role in research and training. I have published 31 papers, written five technical reports and participated in the formation of important networks such as the African Plasmodium diversity network (http://www.cggh.org/collaborations/plasmodium-diversity-network-africa). Currently, I am the National coordinator and the principal investigator leading a team involved in routine surveillance of antimalarial efficacy under the National Malaria Control Program in Tanzania.