Prof Dexter Tagwireyi

Prof Dexter  Tagwireyi


University of Zimbabwe

School of Pharmacy

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Work and Research

My area of research has been in applied and experimental toxicology with emphasis poisonous plants,traditional medicines and animal envenomation(snakebite and scorpion sting)althoughI have also published in other areas of toxicology including pesticide, chemical and pharmaceutical poisoning. More recently years my work has focused on trying to get therapeutic benefits from extracts of known toxic plants–‘from poisons to medicines.’To this end I have been over the past few years working with one poisonous plant in particular (Boophone disticha) describing its toxicology and investigating beneficial effects of its extracts.

Fields Of Expertise

Experimental Toxicology

Research Profiles

My contribution to science and its impact on society

I currently head a unit which is responsible for the provision of drug and poisons information to the public and to other healthcare professionals. This is a translation of my area of expertise for the impact on society. In addition, I am the president of the Zimbabwean Young Academy of Sciences and have been involved in a number of initiatives including participation in coming up with the science policy for Zimbabwe, as well as the launching of the inquiry based learning.I also contribute to the national treatment guidelines on poisoning from results of my work in the area). In addition,every year my research group showcases its research at the annual Research and Intellectual Expo–Science, Engineering and Technology week (we have been doing this since 2011). I also volunteer at my daughter’s school to teach practical science as an afternoon activity.   

at my daughter
s school to teach
ical science as an afternoon activity.