Dr Emmanuel Odjadjare

Dr Emmanuel Odjadjare


Benson Idahosa University

Department of Biological Sciences - Microbiology

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Work and Research

I am an Environmental/Public Health Microbiologist with research interest in molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases; antimicrobial resistance; water/wastewater quality; and bioremediation/biodegradation studies. The central theme of my research focus is, "improving living standards and poverty alleviation through structured Microbiology research". I am also passionate about Science Leadership, especially in Africa. I am the team leader, Environmental, Public Health, and Bioresource Microbiology Research Group, Benson Idahosa University, Benin City, Nigeria. I am also a former President of the prestigious Nigerian Young Academy.

Fields Of Expertise

Molecular epidemiology of Infectious diseases
Water/Wastewater quality

Research Profiles

My contribution to science and its impact on society

As President of the Nigerian Young Academy (NYA), I facilitated conferences and workshops  that  provided  leadership  towards  nurturing  outstanding  and  aspiring  young scientists in a bid to improving the state of society. The NYA under my leadership also served as a leading voice for Young Scientists in Nigeria and Africa on critical issues of relevance to the development of Science and the African society. I am an Ambassador/Member of the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS); and was elected the Coordinator of Network of African Young Academies (NAYA) by representatives of 12 African Young Academies at the TWAS-ROSSA Young Scientist Conference and 6th General Assembly of the NYA held in Lagos, Nigeria in August, 2016. NAYA  is  charged  with  the  responsibility  of  working with  other  stakeholders  to  midwife  the formation  of  a  virile  and  functional  network  of  Young  African  Scientists  and  Professionals towards fast racking inclusive growth and sustainable development of Africa. I also served as Chairman of the “Communicable Disease and Sanitation Working Group” of the 2nd African Young Academies Regional Conference held in Mauritius, October 2016; as well as participated in the 2nd Worldwide Meeting of Young Academies held at Stockholm, Sweden in 2015. I also led the Nigerian Young Academy and partners to winning the IAP/CARNEGIE Grant to conduct a research on the State of Early/Mid Career Women Scientists in West Africa.