Dr Gloria Ivy Mensah

Dr Gloria Ivy Mensah


Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research


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My research interests include Host-Pathogen interaction in Tuberculosis and other bacterial zoonosis as well as novel diagnostics, vaccines and biomarkers for TB. I am currently conducting a study that seeks to provide diagnostic options for children suspected of having TB using blood and or Urine because many children cannot cough up the sputum required for the regular TB test. My career milestones include being part of the team that coordinated the first ever Tuberculin Skin Test Survey in Ghana involving 25,000 school children that led to an estimation of the risk of TB infection in 2010. Tuberculosis (Biomarkers, immunodiagnostic tools, screening of potential vaccine candidates, latency, TB in children, Genetic susceptibility) Bacterial zoonosis Food safety

Fields Of Expertise

Microbiology and Immunology of TB
Bacterial Zoonosis
Food safety