Prof Ikeoluwapo Ajayi

Prof Ikeoluwapo Ajayi


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Work and Research

The unique attribute of my research is the translation of research findings to policy. I put effort into identifying gaps, disseminate findings to stakeholders and then address the gaps using participatory approach. In addition, I stood out as the best candidate in fellowship examinations and during the finals, I won a prize as one whose dissertation contributes most to Primary Health Care in Nigeria. My early research on risk factors of breast and cervical cancers identified gaps in awareness of cancer and its prevention including screening among women and the practice of prevention by physicians. These earned me invitation to contribute to the development of protocol for introduction of vaccine against cervical cancer at an international forum.

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My contribution to science and its impact on society

I have worked as physician for over 20 years and public health expert for about8years. I have successfully written grant proposals and carried out research independently and as member of multidisciplinary teams; some of which I led. These include implementation research in the field of malaria; findings of which was used by the Federal Ministry of Health(FMoH) for policy on scaling up HMM to improve community management.Others are cancer in women, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. I support malaria control programmes as technical advisor.I was part of a team that advised FMoHin setting up cancer prevention programs and establishing palliative care services in the country. I served in the capacity of consultant to national and international agencies including FMoH, WHO, and CDC for Polio Eradication, and evaluation of maternal and child health services.I introduced patient-centered clinical method into the training curriculum and practice of Family Physicians in Nigeria and informed the re-organisation of the consultation process at the GOP. UCH.I contributed to introduction of training programmes geared towards improving research in Nigeria and Africa. I contributed to knowledge of science by disseminating findings of my research work as reports and publications in journals.