Dr Joleen Steyn-Kotze

Dr Joleen Steyn-Kotze

South Africa

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

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Work and Research

I have gained significant experience in the cluster area of transitions, democratization and governance in a general non-Western, and particular African context, South African political development and democratic reconstruction. My research activities are focused on contributing to the body of knowledge in these fields and have achieved both national and international recognition for research excellence. I am committed to the development of knowledge in understanding the democratic dilemmas non-Western states face in attempting to consolidate democracies and achieve political stability, which is often elusive in the context of perpetual high levels of inequality.

Fields Of Expertise

Democratisation and Governance
Democratic reconstruction
South African political development

Research Profiles

My position, contributions to science and its impact

I am a Senior Research Specialist in Democracy, Governance, and Service Delivery at the Human Science Research Council. She is also a Research Fellow at the Centre for African Studies, University of the Free State. I am an Associate Professor of Political Studies at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University until September 2016.

I have an active community engagement profile. This is evident in my work with various media houses and the SABC. I also engage communities through feedback on findings of data collected. A current project, focusing on the evolution of political values and culture in the first post-apartheid generation has drawn significant interest from grant funders, broader society and other tertiary institutions. Further to this, I also engage in a weekly political/citizenship education slot on a community radio station, IFM, in the broader Nelson Mandel Bay Metropolitan area. I have generated a wide national profile as a political analyst extending beyond the Easter Cape and have become a sought after political commentator and analyst through my various activities with regional and national departments of government bodies and my research agenda.