Prof Lahcen El Youssfi

Prof Lahcen El Youssfi


Moulay Ismail University

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Work and Research

As agronomy Engineer, Land and water Resource Management M.Sc.laureate and doctor in Environment, I had the opportunity to have interdisciplinary work and research in my career. During five years, I worked as technical coordinator of a project for implementation of drip irrigation system in South of Morocco and the replacement of traditional irrigation systems aiming to save more than 20% of water under semi-arid climate. On the other hand, the research that I conducted in the context of an international project: SWUP-MED (Sustainable WaterUse Securing Food Production in Dry Areas of the Mediterranean region), combined activities related to food security, integrated water management and climatic change prevention.

Fields Of Expertise

Agronomy Engineering

Research Profiles

My contribution to science and its impact on society

I worked for more than five years as coordinator engineer of agriculture department with a regional office (governmental) of agriculture and my duty was the dissemination of new technologies and results to growers. Moreover, I was working as research assistant within an international research project (SWUPMED Project) and preparing my doctorate in parallel. Thus, after conducting many field trials, I was charged to find growers working in order to bring the output of our work to reality. Thus, we introduced new crops (Quinoa, Amaranth) in the cropping system of the region and in this way I started to contribute as scientist in the advancement of applied research in agriculture. During my participation in the North Africa International Model of United Nations NAIMUN in 2014, I got the “Best Proposition Paper Award” at the Economic Commission for Africa for my paper “Improving Youths Access to Education and to Employment Opportunities”. Additionally, I m an active member of ArabWAYS Association working for science dissemination and exchange between Young Scientists. Been a member of an NGO, I am participating in basic science dissemination in the local community in collaboration with scientists.