Dr Lara Donaldson

Dr Lara Donaldson

South Africa

International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, Cape Town

Crop Improvement

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Work and Research

I am a plant molecular biologists currently working on two projects both of which aim to improve food security. The first project looks at the molecular mechanism behind salt tolerance in plants. Briefly, I am looking at whether the plant growth hormone, auxin, plays a role in salt tolerance. The second project characterizes the microbiome of sorghum in Africa. In this project I am characterizing the microbial species that the plant recruits into its root zone in order to improve plant performance. In this project different sorghum varieties, plant pathogens and weeds and farming practices are being considered to provide a holistic understanding of how the microbiome is influenced by the plant, farmer and environment.

Fields Of Expertise

Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Genetics
Plant science, Plant biotechnology