Dr Leti Kleyn

Dr Leti Kleyn

South Africa

University of Pretoria

Future Africa Institute

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My research interests speaks to the fields of transdisciplinary research practices, science communication, data management, and legislation. Kleyn is a former NRF-rated researcher trying to shake the office and work in the field. Her fields of research include, freedom of information, institutional repositories, copyright, literature, community engagement, and marginalisation. As part of her research interest and love for the Karoo, she is actively involved in two desolate Karoo communities in support of enabling human rights through access to technology. These right include access to information and access to education.

Fields Of Expertise

Science Communication & Scholarly publishing
Intellectual Property
Information Science

Research Profiles

Dr Leti Kleyn

Dr Leti Kleyn is currently holding a dual appointment as digital platform manager for the Future Africa Leader Research Fellowship, and the innovative data platform, the InformationHub, hosted by the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute.

NRF Y2 Rated Researcher (2016–2021)

PHD (Publishing) – University of Pretoria (UP) | The canonisation of Afrikaans literature: a systems theory analysis of Afrikaans Literature (2008–2013), http://hdl.handle.net/2263/32714

MPhil (Law) – University of Pretoria (UP) | Open access research publications and South African institutional repositories (IRS) in the context of Private Law and practices : an interdisciplinary study (2015?2018), http://hdl.handle.net/2263/70126

MA (Afrikaans/Creative Writing) cum laude (UNISA–2004)

BA (HONS) (Afrikaans) (UP–2002)

BA (Publishing Studies) (UP–2001)