Dr Levy Otwoma

Dr Levy Otwoma


Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute

Oceanography and Hydrography department

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Work and Research

My work focuses on using molecular tools and fisheries to determine the abiotic and biotic factors that affect connectivity and exploitation of reef fishes in Kenya. The overarching goal of my research is to integrate the information generated into resource management, because scientific evidence suggests that most management strategies are not delivering on their social, ecological, and management goals. Recently, we have also developed a framework that reconstructs coral reef species occurrence by comparing historical exploited species in existing disparate data sets, so as to identify important reef fish species that are at risk of local extinction in Kenya. Taken together, these databases have provided us with a holistic view of the influence changing environments on the reef ecology.

Fields Of Expertise

Coral reef expert
Fish population dynamics, extinction risks andexploitation
socio-ecological managment of reef recources