Dr Mandingha Kosso ETOKA-BEKA

Dr Mandingha Kosso ETOKA-BEKA

Republic of the Congo

Université Marien NGOUABI

Cellular and Molecular Biology

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Work and Research

Mandingha Kosso ETOKA-BEKA is a PhD in Molecular Biology and Applied Immunology. She is an assistant lecturer at the Marien NGOUABI University and a research associate at the National Institute of Research in Health Sciences both in the Republic of Congo. For her PhD she studied malaria in children carrying the Sickle cell trait. She is now orienting her research interest in the study of the responses of coinfection of malaria and neglected tropical diseases in the indigenous people community in the Republic of Congo. She also wants to study and understand the traditional medicines the indigenous community uses to cure themselves in order to find ways of modernizing them.

Fields Of Expertise

Molecular Biology
Applied Immunology