Dr Natasha Ross

Dr Natasha Ross

South Africa

University of the Westerncape


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Work and Research

Dr Ross is a dedicated and resourceful researcher who has embraced wholeheartedly what it means to be a successful future academic and transformational leader in South Africa. Since graduating with her PhD she has taken every opportunity presented to her to not only advance her own academic career but also to advance the personal growth of her post-graduate students as both individuals and independent researchers. Dr Ross’ research work involves the synthesis of smart nanomaterials for applications in electrochemical energy storage and conversion systems and diagnostic biosensors, as exemplified in her publications in highly rated peer reviewed journals and book chapters. She is also the Founder and Director of the Akeelah Foundation (NPC 2020/274275/08; NPC 248-376).

Fields Of Expertise

Electroanalytical Chemistry
Nanotechnology for sensors, energy sprage and conversion systems