Dr Ndiaye Matar

Dr Ndiaye Matar


University of Cheikh Anta Diop

Institut of earth sciences

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Work and Research

Geo-energy in sedimenary basins. Every sedimentary basin has a model of dynamic and evolution. Oceans are the largest sedimentary basins. Exploitation of ocean resources requires in-depth knowledge of marine geomorphology and biocenosis. The largest geological events of our planet are recorded in the sediments of the continental shelf but also at the level of the slope. Currently the ecosystem of the continental shelf is very poorly known. Indeed marine biocenosis in deep water is not the subject of real scientific investigation. In the same way, the sediments of the plateau and the slope are not research topic. Promoting research on the continental shelf to the abyss would allow sustainable exploitation of our resources.

Fields Of Expertise

Sedimentary basins