Prof Oladapo Adeyemi Aremu

Prof Oladapo Adeyemi Aremu

South Africa

North West University

Indigenous Knowledge Sysyems

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Work and Research

My research revolves around the efficacy and safety evaluation, phytochemical characterization of indigenous African flora for practical applications towards enhancing food and nutrition security for the growing population. The increasing challenges associated with the sustainable production of high quality medicinal, horticultural and ornamental plants geared me towards exploring the application of simple plant biotechnology approaches for enhancing productivity and conservation of different plants. I have conducted extensive research on the potentials of conventional plant growth regulators (cytokinins) as well as environmentally-friendly biostimulants such as seaweed extracts, smoke-water and vermicompost for improving productivity of high quality crops and enhancing nutritional content

Fields Of Expertise

Plant physiology; Plant Biotechnology; Botany; Indigenous Knowledge Systems; Ethnopharmacology
Biological Science