Mr Olusola Olaleye

Mr Olusola Olaleye


Nigerian Institute for Trypanosmiasis (and Onchocerciasis) Research.

Trypanosmiasis Research

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Work and Research

Research focus is on Epidemiology and control of Neglected tropical diseases in Nigeria especially Trypanosomiasis and Onchocerciasis and global health in general. My research focus and schedules are outlined below 1.Surveillance of African Trypanosmiasis in Animal and Human in Southwestern Region of Nigeria, 2.Socioeconomic research on Human African Trypanosmiasis, Animal African Trypanosmiasis and Onchocerciasis 3.Development of new drugs for Trypanosomiasis 4. Phytomedicine and ethnomedicinal research on discovery of potential antimicrobial and antitrypanosomal drugs from plants 4.Clinical and field trial of Trypanocide 5. Distribution of Drugs and counselling of people living in endemic region of the two diseases on precautions and necessary for their health

Fields Of Expertise

Drug discovery
Parasitology and surveillance