Dr Pascal Sugri Fuseini Nbelayim

Dr Pascal Sugri Fuseini Nbelayim


University of Ghana

Materials Science and Engineering

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Work and Research

Advanced Functional Electronic Materials with Nanoscale Interface control for Renewable and Sustainable Energy in PEM-Fuel Cells, Dye-sensitized solar cells and Green H2 Generation; Catalytic Porous Materials and Electrowetting Surfaces. Energy drives our lives/economies. Our major source (Fossil Fuel) is non-renewable, fast-depleting, hazardous CO2 emissions and with increasing demand. Thus sustainable renewable energy is in high demand. Earth has 2 inexhaustible sources: solar radiation and water (for H2 fuel).The existing technologies to harness these are fraught with challenges (inefficiencies, stability/durability, high-cost, complex technologies, safety).Our aim: use facile/ low-cost techniques/materials to prepare advanced materials/devices to overcome these challenges.

Fields Of Expertise

Proton Exchange membrane Fuel Cells, Plasmonic resonance dye-sensitized solar cells, hierarchically porous materials and electrowetting.