Dr Pauline Ngimwa

Dr Pauline Ngimwa


Partnership for African Social Governance Research

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My research career started while doing my masters programme where I wrote a dissertation on media accessibility by rural women in Kenya. This was funded by CODESRIA through a competitive process that saw me emerge as one of the two recipients of this funding in Kenya that year. This project also attracted additional funding from UNICEF due to their interest in women and development. Findings were published in an international journal and has over 13 citations to date. My research interests continued in the area of digital education resources including Open Educational Resources (OERs) in African higher education and I have published 10 papers and book chapters in international publications.

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My contributions to science and the impact this has had on society

My role at the Partnership for Social and Governance Research presents me with an opportunity to make a significant contribution towards enhancing research capacity among African social science researchers. I am responsible for conceptualizing and guiding the development and delivery of experiential short research training modules. Over 500 early and mic-career social science and policy researchers from African universities, think tanks, government and the civil society have been trained, with spill-off effects experienced in research institutions and universities through cascading of acquired skills to peers and students.