Dr Richard Wade

Dr Richard Wade

South Africa

University of Pretoria


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Work and Research

Extensive decadal research into mainly sub-Saharan African cosmic references in the archaeological record. Various discoveries dealing with the Great Zimbabwe Cultural Complex and the nearest, brightest and most recent supernova cosmic reference. Corroboration of the astrophysical aspects pertaining to a massive medieval gamma-ray flux that bombarded Earth circa 1271 and that affected the planet as 'the Little Ice-Age'. Archaeologically and ethnographically recorded in the structures at the Great Enclosure as a cosmic reference. Invited as keynote speaker to announce this find in a major international conference to be held in Leiden Oct 2019 together with the heads of the Japanese Antarctic Ice-core data heads of research that confirm a nitrate spike in the ice-core at 84m at Fuji Dome.

Fields Of Expertise

African Archaeoastronomy
African Cultural and Indigenous Astronomy
African Indigenous Knowledge and Structural Cosmic Referencing