Dr Sean Patrick

Dr Sean Patrick

South Africa

University of Pretoria

School of Health Systems and Public Health

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Work and Research

My research focus area is: Environmental and Social Impacts on Infectious and Chronic Diseases. My research aims to integrate the sustainable development goals into public health research, since trans-disciplinary approaches are required to deal with complex environmental-social issues that have an influence on existing and emerging diseases. In particular SDG 3 (specifically 3.3 – among others, reduce the deaths of malaria and other neglected tropical diseases and 3.9 – reduce the amount of illnesses/deaths to harmful chemicals among others), SDG4 – using education as a tool to promote healthy lifestyle and reduce harmful exposures through community interventions, SDG6 (specifically 6.2 – relating to water quality and to reduce/remove pollutants from the water.

Fields Of Expertise

Reproductive Toxicology
Infectious Diseases
Public Health