Dr Temitope Olawunmi Sogbanmu

Dr Temitope Olawunmi  Sogbanmu


University of Lagos


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Work and Research

Temitope Sogbanmu's research focus is on the risk assessment and management of organic pollutants in various environmental media using classic and emerging ecotoxicology tools. This is with a view to develop and provide targeted environmental management advice to regulators/ policymakers as well as innovative products for the treatment of wastewaters. Her current projects are on: Ecotoxicity of Effluents in Nigerian Aquatic Ecosystems Biological Effects of Occupational Exposure to Pollutants Ecotoxicological Evaluations using Early Life Stages of Fish Toxicity and Remediation of Hydrocarbons Pollution in Aquatic Ecosystems Modelling Climate Change – Pollutants Interactions in Coastal Ecosystems Investigating the Research-Science Advice-Policy Nexus

Fields Of Expertise

Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management
Aquatic Toxicology