Mr Tsegaberhan Wodaj

Mr Tsegaberhan Wodaj


Addis Ababa University

Foreign Language and Literature

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Work and Research

African literature in general and African diasporic literature in particular is my focus of research study. I am conducting the theme of alienation on Ethiopian Diasporic literature in English with reference to Dinaw Mengestu's trilogy. The issue of alienation and immigration is the rudimentary key words that I would like to focus as they are the concern of the global society. We Africans face and challenge a number of problems in our emigre life in contrast to our expectations and the credit we give to the western society. I decide to conduct a research based on the sociological and psychological theories of post-modernism focusing Melvin Seeman's theory of alienation. Seeman in his "The Meaning of Alienation" (1959) proposes five modes of alienation that I used as a framework of study.

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