Dr Usisipho Feleni

Dr Usisipho Feleni

South Africa

University of South Africa

Institute for Nanotechnology and Water Sustainability

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Work and Research

My research work focuses on the development of cost-effective electrochemical (bio)-sensors that have applications in clinical diagnostics and environmental analysis. The diagnostic sensors of interest are those for monitoring the metabolism of the drugs that are used for the treatment of such critical diseases as breast cancer, HIV, and tuberculosis. On the other hand, the environmental analysis aspect of my research involves the use of nanocomposite novel materials and enzymatic-based systems in the development of photoelectrochemical sensing or biosensing systems. My research efforts and contributions have led to the publication of 31 articles in top-ranking and recognised journals including Electrochimica Acta, Talanta, and Electrocatalysis.

Fields Of Expertise

Electroanalytical Chemistry, Biosensors/sensors, nanotechnology, material science