FA Conference Centre to have signature art piece

The Future Africa Conference Centre will have a signature art piece. The inspiration for this piece comes from visual success of having layered coloured sand in a bottle.

Artist, Berco Wilsenach explains the rationale behind this piece: "By keeping in mind the idea of a stained-glass window, the concept idea is to create an image through the layering of broken glass within transparent glass panels. The artwork is proposed for the north-west façade of the conference centre, thus considering the constant movement of the sun and the consequent effect of the reflecting glass pieces."

"The aim is thus the integration of the artwork into the function and aesthetic of the architecture, where it is neither a window nor a solid wall but rather a glowing screen of crushed glass. Taking into consideration the visual effect of the compacted glass as well as the colours available, ideas of microscopic cellular structures, flowing water and weather patterns came to mind. The inherent quality of working with crushed glass however demanded a horizontal design, which made the idea of static motion or the “silent noise” of electronic screens most appropriate the final design."

"The concept is both relevant today and of future communication systems that play an integral part of research and almost all human endeavours nowadays. This idea also allows for a metamorphoses or continuation of the image within the elongated format of the 22m wall. The conjured images leave an open-ended interpretation, reminiscent but not direct, of the previously considered water and weather patterns. Although abstract in appearance, meaning is encoded in the visuality of the material. Thus the art piece becomes the culmination of material, concept, light and functionality within a new approach to recycling."