The fifth round of the Africa Science Leadership Programme (ASLP) commenced on 22 March and successfully came to a close at the official Future Africa launch. Twenty researchers from the basic and applied sciences, social sciences and humanities disciplines from across Africa participated in a 6 day leadership training workshop. This is the first cohort to attend training and reside at the Future Africa Campus. The 2019 ASLP fellows were joined on their last workshop day by the previous 2018 ASLP cohort to network and share an overview of their initiatives.

At present the total number of researchers who have been trained in the ASLP totals to 104 and includes fellows from 19 African countries. More than 50% of the fellows are excellent female researchers leaders, view the ASLP homepage here. In addition to being joined the 2018 ASLP cohort, the new ASLP fellows had the opportunity to engage with participants who attended the Science Advice for Policy Workshop, Transdisciplinary Research Workshop as well as fellows who belong to the Early Career Research Leader Fellow Programme


The fifth ASLP cohort; the first cohort to have their workshop at the Future Africa Campus