Africa Week 2023

Open Africa, Open Science:

A Glimpse into Africa Week 2023

The University of Pretoria is proud to host the biennial Africa Week, a prestigious event that brings together African and global leaders in science. This year's event, in partnership with the Department of Science and Innovation and the National Research Foundation, will convene the leadership of prominent African and global scientific networks and international, transdisciplinary initiatives. The theme for Africa Week 2023 is Open Africa, Open Science, which will feature topical dialogues on the importance of open science as a global public good and its relevance for the continent.

Africa Week 2023 is an opportunity to interpret openness in its broadest sense and to move conversations towards concrete actions aimed at increasing the impact and influence of African research through effective and equitable global partnerships. The event will explore ideas such as the global open science movement and its significance for science and research on the continent. The objective is to seek ways to harness the movement's potential to create a more inclusive, collaborative and impactful research environment in Africa.



The event is structured to facilitate strategic sub-events comprising partnership meetings and workshops aimed at initiating new international programmes of transdisciplinary work. In company with Leaders of Higher Education Institutions from Africa and across the world, Africa Week 2023 will convene key stakeholders from the government, the private sector, civil society and the media. The event will provide an opportunity for participants to network, engage in thought-provoking discussions and showcase research achievements that have made an impact. Through its diverse range of participants, the event aims to promote a shared understanding of the challenges facing scientific research in Africa and the role of open science in addressing those challenges.

Africa Week 2023 is a vital platform for promoting discussions, teamwork and inclusivity in science. With its focus on open science, the event aims to create a more transparent, equitable and impactful research environment in Africa.

For more information contact: Africa Week Coordinator - Ms Juby Govender

Africa Week 2023 Programme


Future Africa


Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023

at 1:04pm


Jason Owen