Future Africa hosts Transdisciplinary (TD) Train the Trainer Workshop to enhance TD expertise

Future Africa, in collaboration with the Transdisciplinary Training Collaboratory: Building Common Ground, recently hosted a two-day Transdisciplinary (TD) Train-the-Trainer workshop at the University of Pretoria's Future Africa Campus to equip participants with essential skills to effectively teach and apply Transdisciplinarity (TD), in line with the university's commitment to advancing TD in education and research.

The workshop, held from 5 to 6 June 2024, drew participation from 14 attendees, primarily faculty members affiliated with the University of Pretoria, who engaged in an interactive, structured learning experience designed to advance their capabilities as TD trainers.

Assisted by Margaret Krebs as organiser of the training event, facilitators from the TD Training Collaboratory included experts, Dr Susanne Moser, Dr Connie Nshemereirwe, and Dr Tolullah Oni, each contributing extensive knowledge and insights into TD methodologies and best practices. The TD Training Collaboratory is supported by a grant from the US National Science Foundation and aims to consolidate global expertise on TD research phases and competencies.

Dr Hester du Plessis, Future Africa's Project Leader of the Transformation through Transdisciplinary research programme, highlighted the workshop's impact: “The TD Train-the-Trainer Workshop not only strengthened the participants' ability to train TD researchers but also fostered collaboration among participants, promoting ongoing knowledge sharing and support for ongoing idea exchange. Following this training exercise, a Future Africa TD Working Group was established to assist UP researchers in developing TD skills through a deeper understanding of its complexities”.

Key highlights of the workshop included sessions on:

  • Understanding TD within an African context
  • Practical approaches to developing effective TD training programmes
  • Feedback mechanisms to refine training session design
  • Skills development for training TD researchers
  • Access to tested resources and tools for effective training delivery
  • Cultivating a community of practice for ongoing collaboration and idea exchange

Future Africa remains committed to advancing TD education and research, leveraging partnerships like the Transdisciplinary Training Collaboratory to empower faculty and students alike in addressing complex societal challenges. By equipping leaders in academia with robust TD skills, Future Africa continues to play a key role in shaping the future of transformative research and education across Africa and beyond.