Future Africa landscape paradigm is to improve and redefine life in urban environments by diversifying existing city landscape norms. The Future Africa Landscape will be focused on the ability of the urban landscape to provide food for fauna and people, and will in so doing highlight not only the potentials that South African plants but also African plants can provide. The Future Africa landscape will provide a living and functional testament of a predominantly indigenous landscape as food resource, and how this resource can be utilised. Plant species that will be planted at Future Africa have been carefully selected with this in mind.

The future urbanization in Africa is calling for a change that responds to prevalent African issues such as the scarcity of water and food resources. Our heritage and indigenous natural resources can be used to better lives by capitalising on existing resources. This can be done by diversifying the plant species selection whilst complimenting the existing site vegetation and landscape features of a site. Future Africa is a landscape that strives to find the perfect balance between productiveness and other demands stemming from a human centric design. The desired outcome is a resilient landscape that would be able to withstand changes in future - Future Africa campus becomes an example of such a landscape. Integrating people in the development of this landscape will contribute to the resilience and facilitate its growth in the years to come.







Species List



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