Get to know the ECRLF Fellows: Dr. Nicolas Kagimu

When Dr. Kagimu talks about nematology, you are transported on a journey that makes you start to appreciate the diverse group of roundworms that occur worldwide in virtually every environment.

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Get to know the ECRLF Fellows: Dr. Alice Nabatanzi

Dr. Alice Nabatanzi was mentored into Natural Products Phytopharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals directly after high school and has continued on the same career path to where she is today. 

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Get to know the ECRLF Fellows: Dr. Florece Opondo

From Banker to Researcher; Dr. Florece Opondo’s humble beginning in the banking industry is an inspirational tale. No one thought she would decide on such a drastic career change after eight years in banking.

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It takes a village to find a balance - Dr Fanelwa Ajayi

Dr Fanelwa Ajayi says that in her line of work as a biosensor researcher in South Africa, women often struggle to juggle the demands of a professional research career with those of a family. “It is either you do well at work or at home, with no real balance. But one thing I learnt from my professors is that as a woman, you have a right to work and to choose your work.”

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