Future Africa hosts viral diagnostics workshop

UP Future Africa hosts international low-cost viral diagnostics workshop featuring open-source technologies. 

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Future Africa Research Institute - Official Launch

The launch of Future Africa at the University of Pretoria is a “timely response to placing science, technology and innovation at the centre of Africa’s development”.

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Future Africa Academic Strategy Group

The Future Africa Academic Strategy Group meets regularly to create and solidify the strategy through which Future Africa will transform the world through African research excellence.

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Forget Revolutions – co-create Resolutions

Africa has and faces challenges that can appear overwhelmingly complex and immutable. So often calls to actions approach this with force, vigour and the banging of drums – “overturn structures”, “rebuild from scratch”, “FIX”. Revolutions are important.

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Future Africa Community

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Featured Researcher

Dr Pontsho  Moela

Dr Pontsho Moela

University of Pretoria
South Africa